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Crafted By Culture

          Our Roots

Seasons Cheese is a product of passion and love. Led by owner James MacDonald, and Sous Chef Omar Lebron. After cheffing for years, we both adapted a plant based lifestyle, and realized that there was a serious gap in the market for healthy and delicious vegan options. In 2016 we started our catering company. We quickly grew and expanded to start our restaurant in 2017. We then spent the next 3 years crafting a product that we are finally proud to serve to our friends and family, and we know that you will feel the same way!

         The Cheese

Our focus for the cheese was to make something delicious. Focusing on traditional cheese experiences such as being sharp, creamy and meltable. But we knew our product also had to be healthy. We wanted a product that not only tasted amazing, but also left you feeling great. We have mastered our fermenting process creating a unique culture that has healthy bacteria, while also being sharp and tangy. We use whole cashews as our base, creating a natural whole foods cheese. Our cheeses have no fillers or additives, with every ingredient being intentional.

       Our Culture

Seasons has been tested and approved for wild fermentation. We chose to craft our cheeses this way to create a product that is similar to dairy cheese, while also being healthy and natural. Seasons Culture transcends more than its food. At Seasons we respect all life and the importance of community.